Successful entrepreneur

Daymond Garfield John is one of the successful Americanentrepreneurs. Born in 1969, he has grown financially to be a worldknown investor and motivational speaker. He is the CEO of FUBU and aninvestor in television reality show, Shark Tank. John was raised byhis mother and grandfather who provided for him to acquire education.His entrepreneurial started way back in grade school where he couldpaint off pencils at a fee for his classmates. In high school, hestarted working and saving for the start of his commuter van serviceafter graduating from high school.

John had invested in several clothing brands with ups and downs buthe never lost hope. His journey is inspiring to me and many otheraspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. The experience from hisentrepreneurial ventures has enabled him to grow from small investorto corporate advisor, earning millions of dollar profit from businessannually. Before becoming a shark, John had pioneered street wearfashion brand called FUBU (For US By Us) which grew significantly toa tune of $6 billion in sales (Brown, 2016). One of the uniquecharacteristics that made him unique is his determination andperseverance. To start his clothes business he had to sew the hats byhimself and go to the street to the market and sell them. He statedthat during that time he did not know how to get financial assistanceto start his business. To market his brand he used rapper rising starnamed Cool to wear the hat and take photos so as to use as marketingto traders to buy the products.

The investor in several occasions pointed out that lack of financialliteracy has greatly hampered the success of young entrepreneurs. Hementioned that many people have good ideas but still find itdifficult to attract investors (Brown, 2016). His message toentrepreneurs is that one needs mentors who are the trusted advisorson various aspects of business such as financial, credit, brandingand marketing. He is fighting for access to capital for all since hehas realized that minority communities lack credit facilities andfinancial education. Some of the greatest lessons I have learned fromhim include business networking, doing homework before starting abusiness, seeking advisory board, how to solve problems, listening,preparing, learning, patenting and having a deal that works foreveryone. These basics can help one become a great entrepreneur asJohn.


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