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The employee empowerment refers to the way that the employees havethe authority to decide the input of their work and they also havethe ability to share their suggestions and ideas with the management.The video presented a number of employees that were not empowered tomake critical decisions. In fact, the consumer was unable to get therefund right on time because various senior people in the managementhad to approve it. Instead, the junior employees could not makeimportant decisions in the company.

The company is supposed to share various kinds of information withthe employees to ensure that there is teamwork in achieving theirorganizational goals. Hence, the organization that shares each kindof information with their employees will make the employeesparticipate in the decision-making process and that will make thecompany more competitive.

The empowerment is associated with some risks since some employeesmight lack the knowledge and experience and end up giving misinformedsuggestions. Some might even start misusing their power and placingthe company in some awkward position instead. In some cases, some ofthe employees might even share some secret information with thecompetitors, and leading to more losses for the business (Fernandez &ampMoldogaziev, 2013). In the process, it will affect the operations ofthe business since the competitors will understand their overall gameplan.

The employees in the video were clearly empowered since they madesome important and accurate decisions. For instance, one of theemployees gave a refund of 20% that was the fair amount however, thelack of empowerment would have seen the customer having a largeramount of the refund. The informed decisions made reveal theimportance of the employee empowerment in an organization.


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