Causes of the Civil War


Causesof the Civil War

FreeSoil Party

TheFree Soil Party was a political movement in the United States, whichparticipated in only two elections, 1848 and 1852. The party wasformed in the state of New York, where it enjoyed significantsupport. The party`s dominant ideology revolved around slavery. Itwas established by some of the primary opponents of slave labor fromthe two largest parties (the Whigs and the Democrats). It aimed atcurtailing the spread of slave power in the western states, which wasfavored by the northern territories (Blight, 2016). Their dogma wasa free man on free soil results into a superior social, economic andpolitical system.

Therefore,emerging sentiments and divergent views about slavery in the mainpolitical parties led to the formation of the free soil party.Although it did not last for long, it signified that slave labor wasan important political issue in the American society. This is becauseleaders from both divides defected from their affiliations due tocommon views about the expansion of slavery. While it had nosignificance in the presidential election, its elected leaders in theUS Congress had an enormous influence, despite their small number.They ensured that the antislavery debate did not fade away, inaddition to persuading other politicians to decamp to the newpolitical outfit that pushed for a free nation. Therefore, the mainlegacy of the party was convincing the Whigs to form the RepublicanParty (Blight, 2016).

Inits political actions, the party was faced with several challenges.For example, its activities and lobbies were negatively influenced bythe Compromise of 1850, which resulted in the loss of support amongopinion makers. Additionally, the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 servedas the final blow to the party. Nonetheless, its mission was achievedin the long run due to the political divide that was initiated by theFree Soil Party (Blight, 2016).


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Causes of the Civil War

Causesof the Civil War

FreeSoilparty wasfoundedin the year 1848 by Henry Bibb. The party was formed to voice thestand of politicians that wanted the slavery abolishment. They wantedthe UnitedStatescurrent territories that had been acquired to remain as Free states.Several events all connecting to the slavery abolishment translatedto Free Soil party formation. One of the events happened to be theanti-slavery group emergency commonly known as “Barnburners” thefirstslogan of the party called for free speech, free soil, free men andfree labor.

TheUnfolding of the 1855 Kansas Election and the results

Duringthe Kansas election of 1855 thousands of people of Missouriansentered across the border to cast votes in the election of Kansas.Some of the towns recorded a doubled number of its ordinaryvotes in that election. There was tension everywhere with theintimidation of voters. The free-soilers resorted to rejecting therepresentatives that had been elected and denouncedthe entire election. There was conflict in the Congressof the U.S. The democrats and republicans disagreed on the matter oflegislature acknowledgement based on its legitimacy. Thefree settlers set a governmentat Topeka. Theviolenceresulted in the borders of Missouri-Kansas escalating to the wholestate.


KansasAttempts of Forming the Government

AbrahamLincoln,the congressman,raised his discrepancy on the Act of Kansas-Nebraska throughout thepresentation of the seven speeches that were made in September andsuccessive to October of 1854.Thepresentation of Lincoln`s three-hour talking presented comprehensive legal, moral andfinancial arguments in opposition to slavery, and enhanced Lincoln`spolitical shape for the first time. These statementsset the stage for the debates later, when Lincoln was running forDouglas’s Senate seat. Later,acurrentanti-slavery constitution state wasadopted. Commonly known as, Constitutionof Wyandotte on the commencement of January 1861. That was fiveweeks to the inauguration of Lincolns. Kansas accepted to the Unionfact of being a free state. Nebraska was branded to be a union inMarch 1867. It was this time thatthe civil war of 1861-1865 had beenfully fought.Slaveryhad been abolished and outlawed in theterritories of the United States by the action of the 13thamendment of the constitution.


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