Capstone Project



  1. Awareness of Reliability and Validity of Data Collection Tools

Researchersmust be aware of reliability and validity during the researchprocess. Good understanding of reliability enables the researchers todetermine if the data collection tools generate consistent results.The researcher should understand that there are different types ofreliability measures for example, test-retest, parallel forms,inter-rater, and internal consistency reliability. Test-retestreliability determines the stability of the data collectioninstruments through two similar tests. Parallel forms reliabilityindicates consistent and stable results through using differentassessment techniques. Internal consistency reliability shows theextent to which several test items that examine the same constructgenerate similar results. Proper knowledge of validity enables theresearchers to determine the effectiveness of the data collectiontool. The data collection technique should be able to produce thedesired data results. Validity awareness also enables the researcherto understand the various types of validity. Face validity means thatthe data collection tool measures the intended construct that isbeing investigated (Colin &amp Julie, 2016).

  1. Ensuring Reliability and Validity of Data Collection Tool

Itis important to ensure that the data collection tools have sufficientreliability and validity. The key data collection tool that I willuse in the research study about the effectiveness of InformationTechnology (IT) in cancer care is the questionnaire. Thequestionnaire is important for the quantitative study because it hashigh levels of validity (Institute for Work and Health, 2016). Thisis because it records and analyses the opinions of health expertsabout the effectiveness of IT in the cancer care environment. Thequestionnaire is also very effective in ensuring sufficientreliability in the research process. The questionnaire generatesstable data because it is completed by respondents who areprofessionals in cancer care. The data collection tool providesconsistent information because all respondents use the questionnaireforms developed in the same format.


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