Run Your Own Race

If you’re going to count on the competition to bring out your best work, you’ve surrendered control over your most important asset. Real achievement comes from racing ahead when no one else sees a path—and holding back when the rush isn’t going where you want to go. If you’re dependent on competition then you’re counting on the quality of those that show up to determine how well you’ll do. Worse, you’ve signed up for a career of faux death matches as the only way to do your best work.

— Seth Godin

The Entitlement Leads the Change

Julia is out east at a “School CIO Summit” of some sort.  She’s a bit cranky.  I think she needs more glutens.

She tweeteth…

“Stop talking about Sputnik. In the 1990s, college kids brought the Internet to the business place. It has changed everything.”

I think she’s thinking of a Lawrence Lessig video I linked yesterday.  Lessig added a new (to me) twist, arguing that the architechture of the Internet entitled a group of “outsiders” to change the world.  By “outsiders”, Lessig was referring to the kids, dropouts, non-Americans that invented Netscape, YouTube, Hotmail, Napster, ICQ, Google, Kazaa, Skype, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter.

Because of the Internet, and the way we build it…(11:19)

Kids can take this culture and remix and share it, so they do

Kids do take this culture and remix it, so  they feel they ought to

They outght to, so they feel they are entitled

This entitlement yields the change.

The Internet is our Sputnik.  The difference this time around is that it’s ours.  The outsiders.

Watch the full video of Lessig’s talk.